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06/23/2016the sizes of our drinks

We have two kinds of sizes for drinks.
They are 12oz and 16 oz.
They are bigger than other cafes' and resturants' goods.
The temperture in Hawaii is so high. And you may often get thirsty.
Please enjoy big sized and tasty drinks at our cafe!!

05/19/2016(NOTIFICATION) Server Maintenance

To all our customers:
This is a notification that our system will be undergoing maintenance and during this time, our site will be inaccessible.

We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

Maintenance is scheduled from 11:00pm, May 20th, 2016 (Fri) until approx. 6:00am, May 21st (Sat)

05/15/2016The first in Hawaii!! Green tea soft-serve ice cream

The soft-serve ice cream is the Japanese unique ice cream?
In Hawaii, ice cream, yogurt ice, and shops such as shaved ice is
you look here and there, but the shop with a soft-serve ice cream is not seen much.
Not only the taste of green tea but also taste of milk are dark, and sweetness modest Japanese favorite green tea ice cream of the "Matcha Stand Maiko".
When the Japanese Sweets want to eat, please try it.
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05/03/2016Take a look at Matcha Stand Maiko's May menu!

Now that it's May, it's starting to feel like summer.
It's also the best season for traveling to Hawaii with plenty of great weather.
If it's hot and you're tired from walking, we recommend a frappe.
We have matcha and hojicha. Both are great and cooling down with a frozen drink is definitely the way to go.
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04/20/2016About Matcha Café Maiko

About Matcha Café Maiko
Matcha Café Maiko is a cafe in Hawaii where customers can enjoy authentic Japanese-tasting products.
All of our products are made using high quality, organic Uji matcha grown in Kyoto's Harima Garden and we offer a variety of sweet, refreshing drinks that'll definitely keep you cool under the hot Hawaiian sky.
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