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04/07/2017Matcha Stand Maiko Instagram Campaign

Last week we rolled out our "Sakura Frappe".

At Matcha Stand Maiko, we run a weekly instagram campaign. Simply upload a photo of you enjoying our products to the official Matcha Stand Maiko Instagram (#matchastand_maiko) to win.

For more details, check out: this page
For a direct link to our Instagram page: Click here

We're looking forward to seeing your photos.

03/31/2017New special item for April

For the month of April, we'll be offering a new, special "Sakura Frappe". Sakura, or cherry blossom, is very famous all over Japan and is one of the main images of the spring season.

Give it a try. We're only offering it until the end of April.

Sakura Frappe prices
Medium: $5.60
Large: $6.30

03/24/2017Upcoming special menu

For Valentine's Day, we had a special heart shiratama topping for a limited time only.

It was a bit hit, so we've decided to do another special. For March 25 and 26th, we'll be offering flower shiratamas for the Maiko Special to make it extra cute!

Check out our recent blog posts for some photos: Linked here

We look forward to seeing you here.

03/17/2017Soft serve kid's menu

We're proud to announce that we're going to be selling soft serve with special kid's prices.

Kid's size soft serve menu
Matcha ... $4.00
Mixed ... $4.00
Vanilla ... $3.50
*Kid's sized soft serve is for kids aged 12 or under.

So bring the family and have a good time at Matcha Stand Maiko.

02/13/2017Valentine's Day Maiko Special Sale

On Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th), we'll be having a special on the Maiko Special.

You can get it topped with pink heart-shaped shiratamas!

Make someone's special day even more special with this tasty treat.

02/01/2017Valentine's Happy Campaign Announcement

Announcing our February Happy Campaign!

Valentine's Day (2/14) is the day to express love and here at Matcha Stand Maiko, we have plenty of prizes here to help you do just that. This will be done in a Japanese lottery style using fortunes to win the prizes and best of all, none of them are losers!

Campaign Information:
1. Campaign time: Feb. 5 to Feb. 14 from 11:30am to 6:00pm (Hawaii time)
2. Registration fee: Minimum purchase of $10 or more for one entry per customer

1: One Free L size Maiko Special
2: One Free M size float
3: One Free soft serve ice cream
4: One free M size drink
5: One free topping
*All prizes may be redeemed on the following day or afterwards from when they were won.
*Prize tickets must be redeemed before and are valid until Feb. 28th 2017

01/25/2017Matcha Stand Maiko was featured in "Honolulu Magazine"!!

Our store was featured in "Honolulu Magazine"! The magazine covers everything Hawaii from news, restaurants, art, entertainment, fashion, and more! They wrote an extensive article about us.

Check out the article in the link below:

01/06/2017"Matcha powder" will be on sale from January 7 (Saturday).

"Matcha powder" used in "Matcha stand Maiko" will be on sale from January 7 (Saturday).

Matcha powder of organic cultivation which can only be purchased at "Matcha stand Maiko Honolulu store ".

We prepare the original recipe of "Matcha stand Maiko", and waiting for your coming.

01/01/2017"New Year Happy hour Campaign"

Happy New Year!!

1/1 (SUN) ~ 1/7(SUT)
Every day from 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Matcha Stand Maiko is announcing its holiday campaign. to give thanks to all customers.
we will be using Japanese styled o-mikuji (fortunes) for the drawings.
Best of all, none of the fortune are losers!!
Please try your first luck this year♡

1st. $10 Meal Ticket
2nd.: Your favorite Maiko Special (L size)
3rd: Your favorite Ice Cream
4th: Your favorite Tea (M size)
5th Add a free topping

12/17/2016Hawaii Time From 17th December (Saturday), a new menu will appear !!

The most popular cold sweets in Hawaii, "Shave Ice" Maiko Original Style.
Hawaii time From Saturday, December 17 (Saturday) 11:30, it is on sale!

☆ Uji-Kintoki
On top of the finest Uji Matcha's shaved ice,
  topping with homemade Shiratama(Mochi-balls), red beans
and condensed milk.
Please enjoy Japanese traditional taste in Hawaii !

☆ Matcha ice (Matcha) & Matcha ice (Mix) & Matcha ice (vanilla)
On top of the finest Uji Matcha's shaved ice,
topping with the most popular soft cream and handmade
Shiratama(Mochi-balls), red beans and chestnuts.
And please choose your favorite soft-served ice cream flavor
from Matcha or Mix or Vanilla!!
We are waiting for your coming.

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