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05/17/2017Received the Best of Honolulu Award

We are proud to say we have received the 2017 "Best of Honolulu" award as chosen by the residents of Honolulu.
We are truly honored to have received such recognition among all the numerous popular shops all over Hawaii.
We will continue work hard to achieve further customer satisfaction and excellence.z

05/07/2017Discount campaign end notification

This is just to notify the following discount campaign ended on May 1st.

Monday's discount rate for Hawaii state residents.
☆ Matcha soft cream $ 5.50 ⇒ $ 3.50
☆ Mixed soft cream $ 5.50 ⇒ $ 3.50
☆ Vanilla soft cream $ 4.80 ⇒ $ 2.80

05/01/2017Matcha powder (50g) restocked

We've had a lot of inquiries about the matcha powder used for making our products here at Matcha Stand Maiko and we're here to inform you that new product has arrived as of May 1st.

Our high quality product offers the authentic matcha taste you can find only in Japan.

For more information on Harima Garden, the place where the matcha is grown, click here ↓ ↓
Page link

04/28/2017April's special Sakura Frappe is ending soon

Just a notice that the special Sakura Frappe will be ending on April 30th.

It's a pink, cherry frappe with a unique taste.

【Sakura Frappe】
M size ... $ 5.60
L size · · · $ 6.30

Hope to see you here at Matcha Cafe Maiko.

04/10/2017Announcing Monday discount for Kama'aina residents

Starting on April 10th, we'll be offering a Monday discount at our Hawaii store.

Please note this is restricted to residents of Hawaii only. Proof of residency must be provided before purchase.
Matcha Soft Cream: $5.50 -> $3.50
Mixed Soft Cream: $5.50 -> $3.50
Vanilla Soft Cream: $4.80 -> $2.80

Bring your friends and family and enjoy some quality soft cream.

04/07/2017Matcha Stand Maiko Instagram Campaign

Last week we rolled out our "Sakura Frappe".

At Matcha Stand Maiko, we run a weekly instagram campaign. Simply upload a photo of you enjoying our products to the official Matcha Stand Maiko Instagram (#matchastand_maiko) to win.

For more details, check out: this page
For a direct link to our Instagram page: Click here

We're looking forward to seeing your photos.

03/31/2017New special item for April

For the month of April, we'll be offering a new, special "Sakura Frappe". Sakura, or cherry blossom, is very famous all over Japan and is one of the main images of the spring season.

Give it a try. We're only offering it until the end of April.

Sakura Frappe prices
Medium: $5.60
Large: $6.30

03/24/2017Upcoming special menu

For Valentine's Day, we had a special heart shiratama topping for a limited time only.

It was a bit hit, so we've decided to do another special. For March 25 and 26th, we'll be offering flower shiratamas for the Maiko Special to make it extra cute!

Check out our recent blog posts for some photos: Linked here

We look forward to seeing you here.

03/17/2017Soft serve kid's menu

We're proud to announce that we're going to be selling soft serve with special kid's prices.

Kid's size soft serve menu
Matcha ... $4.00
Mixed ... $4.00
Vanilla ... $3.50
*Kid's sized soft serve is for kids aged 12 or under.

So bring the family and have a good time at Matcha Stand Maiko.

02/13/2017Valentine's Day Maiko Special Sale

On Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th), we'll be having a special on the Maiko Special.

You can get it topped with pink heart-shaped shiratamas!

Make someone's special day even more special with this tasty treat.

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