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09/01/2017Pink Flower Shiratama Campaign

For 3 days only on September 2nd - 4th (Sat-Mon), we'll be able to make your drinks even cuter with pink flower shiratamas for toppings! These go especially well with our most popular drink, the Maiko Special.

So whether you want to take some time to cool down on the hot beach with some shaved ice or just simply enjoy some matcha, you can make the experience even better with flower shiratamas!

We're looking forward to seeing you here. Don't forget to take some photos!

08/08/2017Best of Honolulu 2017 3 day (Aug 11-13) campaign

For 3 days (Aug 11-13) we will be doing a campaign commemorating our winning the Best of Honolulu 2017 in Honolulu Magazine!
This campaign will feature pink shiratama toppings to make the Maiko Special even cuter.

We hope you'll try out this special version of the Maiko Special. We're looking forward to seeing you here!

07/20/20171 year commemoration news

As of July 13th last year, we have been open for one year!

To give thanks back to you who made it all possible, we will be doing a one year commemoration campaign from July 20th to July 23rd (Thu-Sun).

For the campaign, the following discounts apply:
Matcha soft cream: $6.50 down to $5.50
Mixed soft cream: $6.50 down to $5.50
Vanilla soft cream: $5.80 down to $4.80

Again, we'd like to express our thanks to you for making all this possible and we hope to see you here soon.

06/30/2017Commemoration Campaign - Our first store in Japan

Thanks to all of our customers, we've enjoyed great success here in Hawaii. We are writing to inform our customers that we now have opened a store in Tokyo, Japan located in the Omotesando area. The store opened on June 24.

If you're in Japan, we'll be holding a special commemoration campaign from 7/1 (Sat) until 7/20 (Thu)

--Matcha Soft Cream and Kona Coffee Set--
500 yen down from 790 yen!
Available to the first 80 customers only!

We'll be mixing high quality matcha from Japan with high quality coffee from Hawaii.

For more info about our Japan store, check out this page:

06/22/2017For a limited time: "Yuzu Frappe"

From June 24 to July 31, we'll be using a popular citrus fruit in Japan called "Yuzu" to make our special, limited edition "Yuzu Frappe".

It has a sort of sour lemon/grapefruit taste to it. Please give it a try!

[Yuzu Frappe]
M size ... $6.60
L size ... $7.30

Hope to see you here!

Don't forget we also have our weekly Instagram contest. For details, check out the page below:

06/15/2017Pink flowered Maiko Specials for Father's Day

On June 17 and 18, "Matcha stand Maiko" will be offered pink flowered Maiko Specials for Father's Day. These flowers are pink flower-shaped shiratamas.

The Maiko Special is the most popular drink we have, so why not make Father's Day extra special with one of these?

All drinks are handmade at shops. We hope to see you here.

06/09/2017Special Sakura shaved ice sale ending soon

Recently, it's been getting warmer and warmer in Hawaii. It's also the season where shaved ice is more delicious.

We've been offering a special "Sakura Shaved Ice", but quantities are soon running out.

If you'd like to try some pink, cherry tasting shaved ice topped with adzuki beans and shiratamas please give this a try.

Also, if you like taking photos, Be sure to try out our Instagram contest. One "best shot" is chosen every week!

For more details, view this page:

06/01/2017New seating area in front of the store

When waiting for the store to open...
When you want to rest between shopping...
When you want to taste the dessert slowly after a meal...
When you want to eat ice while chatting with your friends...
When you want to taste the feeling of a cafe...

We have a seating area set up for such cases and more

If you like taking photos, be sure to enter our Instagram contest. One "best shot" is chosen every week!

For more details, view this page:

05/17/2017Received the Best of Honolulu Award

We are proud to say we have received the 2017 "Best of Honolulu" award as chosen by the residents of Honolulu.
We are truly honored to have received such recognition among all the numerous popular shops all over Hawaii.
We will continue work hard to achieve further customer satisfaction and excellence.z

05/07/2017Discount campaign end notification

This is just to notify the following discount campaign ended on May 1st.

Monday's discount rate for Hawaii state residents.
☆ Matcha soft cream $ 5.50 ⇒ $ 3.50
☆ Mixed soft cream $ 5.50 ⇒ $ 3.50
☆ Vanilla soft cream $ 4.80 ⇒ $ 2.80

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