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07/01/2022New product Announcement - Calpico Soft Serve

Starting July 1st, we're happy to unveil our new flavor Calpico Soft Serve!
Try our new limited flavor Calpico!! As a popular drink from Japan, it has a refreshing and unique milky taste, with a hint of citrus to make it pop!
Thank you,
*Only available Honolulu store

05/07/2022Harvest Season!

Aloha from Match Cafe Maiko in Waikiki!👋
A few days ago, Harima Garden in Uji Kyoto had their first tea harvest of this season 2022. According to Mr. Harima, the quality of tea leaves may change depending on the weather conditions. Good news is that this season got lucky with great weather in his farm and the tea leaves have grown to the best quality in the past five years!
We at Matcha Cafe Maiko Waikiki and our Matcha Cafe Maiko family are always ready to serve you with some tasty soft serve! Don’t forget to stop by🤩🤙
Thank you,
Premium Matcha Cafe Maiko

04/29/2022Hojicha Soft Serve is available now!!!

Dear valued customers,
Thank you for your continued support for Matcha Cafe Maiko Hawaii.
Recently, we took a vote on the next Limited Flavor and the most popular votes went to the Hojicha!
It is back and ready for you to come enjoy!
We hope to see you come by while it’s here!
*Only available Hawaii store

11/26/2021Black Friday Special 11/26 ! ! !

Dear Valued customers,
Black Friday is on tis way! Get All Soft Serves $3.00 at Premium Matcha Cafe Maiko Honolulu store ! ! !
We look forward to your visit !!!

*Only available Hawaii store
*Some items are not on $3.00 sale.

07/01/2021New product announcement - Ube Soft Serve

Starting July 1st, we're happy to unveil our new Ube Soft Serve!
Try our Ube Soft Serve!!!

*This product is not available in all stores.

04/01/2021New product announcement - Yuzu Soft Serve

Starting April 1st, we're happy to unveil our new Yuzu Soft Serve!
Try our Yuzu Soft Serve!!!

*This product is available in Hawaii store only.

01/01/2021New product announcement - Matcha and Strawberry Mousse

Starting Januraly 1st, we're happy to unveil our new Matcha and Strawberry Mousse!

Matcha Cafe Maiko's "Matcha Green Tea and Strawberry Mousse" is creamy and it really goes well with the white chocolate cream sauce on top ♪
Looking forward to seeing you here!

*This product is only available in our Hawaii store

07/01/2020New product announcement - Matcha Acai Bowl

Starting July 1st, we're happy to unveil our new matcha acai bowl!

Enjoy a nutritional refreshing blend of acai and matcha which is great for beating the summer Hawaii heat!
Looking forward to seeing you here!

*This product is only available in our Hawaii store

04/01/2020New product annouoncement: Strawberry Soft Serve

Enjoy a sweet, refreshing taste to kick off spring!

Starting on April 1st, we'll be unveiling our new strawberry soft serve.
This one goes great with vanilla, but of course can be enjoyed with matcha all the same.
This will only be offered throughout the spring, so get it while it lasts!

*Note: Product is only available at our Hawaii store.

02/01/2020New Product Announcement: Matcha Roll Cakes

Starting Feb. 1st, we're proud to announce our new matcha roll cakes.

We take our matcha sponge cake and roll it with mascarpone cheese for one nice, tasty package! Definitely give this one a try.

We're looking forward to seeing you here.

*Currently, this product is only offered at our Hawaii store.

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