The Spirit of Tea Ceremonies

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The Spirit of Tea Ceremonies

The Spirit of Tea Ceremonies

The very spirit of Cha no Yu, Sen no Rikyu's tea ceremony. This article talks about the 4 principles and the rules of tea ceremonies.

Wa kei sei jaku (harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility)

Wa kei sei jaku

Sen no Rikyu's 4 principles of the spirit of tea ceremonies are referred to as "wa kei sei jaku". It's said these four words tell everything about Cha no Yu.

When drinking tea and when it's being made, if one remembers "wa kei sei jaku", one can feel the very spirit of tea ceremonies. Even know, "wa kei sei jaku" is rooted in Japanese people's mentality.

Rikyu's 7 rules

Preparing one's heart for tea ceremonies. When Sen no Rikyu's disciples were asked if their hearts were prepared for tea ceremonies, they answered "I can do at least that" so it's said that if a person can do that, they can become a disciple. However, it's one of those things that is easy to say, but tough to actually do.