Preparing Teas

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Preparing Teas

Preparing teas (Gyokuro)

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Introduction to Gyokuro


Gyokuro is made using a covering process to keep the sunlight off of it, which helps improve the flavor.

Read more about preparing and making it below.

◆Making good Gyokuro


Boil water to the right temperature

Put only the water in a teapot and wait until the teapot gets warm. Pour the water into a teacup and wait until the teacup gets warm. Touch the water with your fingertip until it feels lukewarm.

Put the tea leaves in the teapot

Put 3 cups worth of tea leaves (about 7-8 grams) into the teapot.

Bringing out the flavor of Gyokuro

Put the now chilled water from #1 in the teapot. Wait about 1.½-2 minutes. For high grade Gyokuro, 2½ minutes tops. This will bring out the flavor. Peek into the teapot to see if the leaves have opened.

Put every last drop in

To be sure each cup gets an even richness and flavor, put in a little at a time. It’s said that the very last drop, or the “golden drop”, has all the taste condensed within. Be sure to use every last drop.

Preparing teas (Sencha)

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Introduction to Sencha


Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan, tastes great, and contains a lot of amino acids.

Read more about preparing and making it below.

◆Making good Sencha


Put the leaves in a teapot

Put about 4 cups worth (about 6-7 grams) into the teapot.

Boil the water to the appropriate temperature

Pour the hot water in a teacup and wait for it to get to the desired temperature. The taste van vary depending on if the water is used while it's hot or cold. Cold water brings out a more mellow taste, while hot water brings out a more astringent one.

Bringing out the flavor of Sencha

Put the water from step #2 in the teapot. For temperatures of up to 90 degrees, wait 30 seconds. For 80 degrees or less, wait about 1 minute. If you wait too long, it will lose its sweetness, so be careful.

Pour and distribute it evenly

To ensure everyone gets an even share of richness and taste, pour the tea in a little at a time. Be sure to pour in every last drop.