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Feb 27, 2024Matcha cafe Maiko

Matcha Parfait💚

Aloha from Matcha Cafe Maiko Waikiki 💚

Maiko Special / Matcha

This item named Maiko Special✨ Have you try it already?

Agar jelly with brown sugar sauce, Matcha sponge cake, corn flakes and sweet red bean are inside the cup.

The soft serve flavor on top, you can pick your favorite one🍦 After putting mochi-balls and chestnut, your parfait is complete🤩

You can enjoy multiple flavors in a cup.

Our Matcha is directly coming from Uji, Kyoto. Please try our fresh  Matcha sweets that are made in the store kitchen everyday 😁

We are open EVERYDAY  from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm 🙂

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See you at store 🤙😁


Matcha Cafe Maiko