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Jan 31, 2024About Hawaii

Hoji-cha Drinks

Aloha from Matcha Cafe Maiko Waikiki 💚

Our Matcha powder is directly coming from Uji, Kyoto.  Of course, Matcha item is the most popular, but did you know there is a hidden gem item?

It is,,,,


Hoji-cha tea!😆

Hoji-cha is roasted green tea. It feels roasted smokey flavor. This item is so popular for Hawaii locals too🤙

We recommend you Hoji-cha latte when you want to be relaxing. The roasted flavor and milk have a good chemistry!😍

This Hoji-cha is also from Uji, Kyoto. If you have never tried Hoji-cha tea yet, please try it!

We are open EVERYDAY  from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm 🙂

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See you at store 🤙😁


Matcha Cafe Maiko