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Aug 18, 2023Matcha cafe Maiko

Golden Soft Serve??!!

Aloha from Matcha Cafe Maiko in Waikiki.

Have you ever tried GOLDEN SOFT SERVE? Yes, we have! and the actual name of this item is called “SHO-GUN”. Sho-gun means militarily commanders in the old era, Japan. You can call them as a top of Samurai.
Our Sho-gun has a 24K gold leaf on the top of soft serves. Can you imagine what is it taste like? We are sure the shiny looking is perfect for your social media and a lot of customers gave us nice comments 😉 We highly recommend you try it!

We are open every day from 11:30 am to 9 pm. Feel free to visit us 🙂
Matcha Cafe Maiko