|Matcha Cafe Maiko: Tasty matcha treats straight from Japan


10/01/2016Introduction article published "Matcha Stand Maiko" in the "Lea Lea Magazine"!!

Hawaii of the latest information magazine "Lea Lea Magazine" was launched on October 1 today.
"Matcha Stand Maiko" has been featured in the pages of "NEWS2 Hawaii the latest information delivered over casual food" on this magazine.
Try looking at the free paper corner in the Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki.

Thanks to the reviews of everyone to give your visit, that was able to join the ranks of the shop, which is featured in the magazine, we are grateful.

09/01/2016Information of the number of customers who visit in August

Thank you for seeing our home page.

August of the second month from the open, we had visit us in person of about 7,400 pairs.
I'm really thankful to you.

The person who come by car to Waikiki to buy a "Matcha Soft-serve ice cream", such as a person who over the voice every time of your visit,
I think sincerely pleased that the people of the repeater is increasing.

We look forward to your coming...

08/10/2016New Store Hours at Matcha Stand Maiko

Starting Saturday, August 13th, our hours will be changing to the following:
Open: 11:30am (11:30)
Close: 8:30pm (20:30)

Thank you and we hope to see you at Matcha Cafe Maiko soon!

07/23/2016(NOTIFICATION) Temporary Closing:July 22nd to 25th

To all our customers:
Please note that we will be closed temporarily from July 22nd to 25th due to circumstances beyond our control.
We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

07/16/2016(NOTIFICATION) Temporary Closing:July 17th

To all our customers:
Please note that we will be closed temporarily on July 17th due to circumstances beyond our control.
We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

07/12/2016Finally,Matcha Stand MAIKO opens tomorrow!!

Even though it is before the grand opening,
everyone who received fliers of our cafe gave us wonderful comments.
For example, "Wow!", "It's awesome!", "Looks so tasty!",
"I will come on the opening day!".
We really would like to tell everyone
" Thank you so much from the botom of our hearts!"
We are truely looking forward to seving everyone and offering our specialties.

07/05/2016I, Mr.Ito will hand out the special ad flliers!!

It' s me, Mr.Ito who will hand out fliers of Matcha Cafe MAIKO Waikiki from 10th to 12th July before the opening of the cafe.
The flier says we will offer one of our specialty Matcha soft-serve ice cream at a very special price!
When you see me on the street, please check it out and call my name, Ryo!!

07/03/2016Made in-house

All products of Matcha Stand Maiko waikiki including ice cream, sponge cake, waffle cones, and even the adzuki bean toppings are made in-house.
We take the quality and safety of our produ0cts so seriously and all drinks and dessserts served are so carefully selected to ensure quality taste while at the same time delivering satisfaction for every customers.

07/01/2016Special Flier

Matcha Stand MAIKO will open on July 13th 2016.
From a few days before we're gointg to hand out special fliers on the street.
We will give you the information about an special discount offer on these fliers.
If you find our staffs who hand out fliers, please be sure to get one!
We promise it makes you happy!!

06/29/2016The secret of Matcha's great taste

The harvest of tea leaves for Matcha starts in the beginning of April . Before the harvest, the leaves in the fields are covered to block out sunlight, which helps change the components to produce the different, sweeter flavor that Matcha has. That is the kea secret of Matcha's brilliant taste.

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